Spectral Imaging

ASI is a pioneer in the field of HyperSpectral imaging, with a primary focus on applications within biomedical imaging and microscopy. Our HyperSpectral imaging is used as a state of the art diagnostic tool for pathology and cytogenetic labs.

In addition to clinical uses, the spectral imaging platform is used by research institutions around the world within multiple scientific disciplines. Over the past two decades, thousands of studies with our hyperspectral camera have been performed and published.

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology for interferometer based spectral imaging enables quantitative analysis with unparalleled color-un-mixing. Images are captured and analyzed with high speed and quality.

The GenASIs HyperSpectral platform offers superior performance and capabilities including:

  • Broad spectral range between 400nm and 1,100nm
  • High spectral resolution of 3nm @ 400 nm
  • Flexible spectral resolution at 3nm
  • High throughput higher than 80%
  • Flat spectral response  
  • No polarization effects
  • Measuring all spectral info all along the measurement
  • Direct view available


  • Pathology – quantitative protein expression mapping in Immunofluorescence (IF) and bright field multiplexed assays
  • Cytogenetics – Advanced HyperSpectral Karyotyping using ASI’s proprietary HiSKY™ probes and imaging
  • Research

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Within the pathology and genetic arena, ASI provides specialty kits for detecting certain human genomes.