GenASIs mCounter

Manual Counting of FISH Samples

GenASIs mCounter is a manual counter of FISH samples for labs that are seeking an integrated and cost-effective tool.
GenASIs mCounter is an integrated wireless counting-pad that provides FISH technologists a powerful tool for counting and classifying cells based on FISH signal patterns. The mCounter promotes reliable clinical results and an efficient, streamlined workflow that improves training and QA while validating results and signing off cases.

GenASIs mCounter supports double blind multiple technologists scoring, offering laboratory managers simplified and improved technologists' training and better laboratory QC and QA. 

GenASIs mCounter comes with programmable keys so that cells may be allocated to different classes based on the probe signal patterns by mapping mCounter keys to clinical classes. 

Easy Reporting

In addition to keypad entry, the mCounter offers audible cues ensuring an accurate, reliable and comprehensive count without having to look away from the microscope.

Results from the mCounter are automatically recorded in the GenASIs Case Data Manager (CDM) management system, and are integrated into reports and laboratory information management systems (LIS). The gathered statistics are then available to users in both graphical and table formats.


  • Easy to use with seamless installation
  • Integrates easily into any workflow
  • Saves time while providing quality results
  • Reliable, quick, accurate and comprehensive cell counting and classification
  • Double blind multiple technologists scoring
  • Efficient and effective training and QA validation
  • Supports any microscope, cell type and signal pattern
  • Allows continuous counting while focusing on clinical rather than technical aspects of cell classification and counting
  • Integrated management and reporting