GenASIs FISH is a powerful tool for FISH technologists working in pathology and cytogenetic labs. With GenASIs FISH, labs can work faster and provided more accurate clinical results using innovative tools and an ideal workflow. 

Faster Throughput

GenASIs FISH supports both manual and automated microscope capture, allowing labs to greatly increase efficiency.

Automated features include:

  • Automated Z stacking, focus, enhancement and 3D data export
  • Automatic XY coordinates
  • Support fpr multiple filters and automated filter wheels

For tissue FISH, GenASIs FISH offers technologists “Tissue Match” - a tool that allows analyzing the location of FISH scanning based on the cell morphology of the tissue stained with H&E or IHC and defined by the pathologist.

GenASIs FISH Software Modules

GenASIs FISHView is an image editing software that allows users to perform a myriad of enhancements, sharing and printing of the FISH imagery. With GenASIs FISHView, users can manually perform analysis on single FISH cells.

The GenASIs SpotScan application automatically analyzes FISH cells. While FISHView performs analysis on one cell at a time, SpotScan analyzes all cells in all fields of view. Within seconds, SpotScan is able to provide statistical analysis of all cells counted, showing the number of signals and other clinical data while classifying them into categories. 

  • Automatic segmentation based on morphological parameters and DAPI Intensity
  • User defined cell clusters based on signal count or amplification ranges
  • Detects and enumerates small and faint signals



GenASIs FISH performs many types of tests and applications.

  • HER2
  • ALK
  • UroVysion
  • Fluorescent karyotyping
  • And many more

GenASIs FISH is an open platform and new probe assays can easily be added at any time.

FDA cleared for the following GenASIs applications: ALK, BandView, FISHView, UroVysion, CEP XY & HER2/neu FISH and IHC family for: HER2,ER,PR and ki67.