All About our People

ASI is a group of talented scientists, engineers and professionals from multiple disciplines. The sheer depth of our expertise combined with a motivation to always improve on our current capabilities is the key to ASI’s success in providing the most innovative and effective solutions.

The lab directors and staff who use our solutions know that they are part of an organization that is transforming the way patient care is delivered.

This is how it has always been at ASI, as our team strives for continuous improvement, dedication and innovation.

ASI is International in Its Nature

With offices spread out in North America, Europe and Asia, we know how to provide quality service to every lab in any location. Our diverse staff consists of people who come from all over the globe, yet in the end, share a common goal of improving the quality of medical care. 

Your Future at ASI

Life is a collection of choices and decisions. By joining ASI, the decisions you will make will include those that will have a direct impact on the wellbeing of millions of people.

ASI consists of a diverse group of individuals from all parts of the world who are open to learn new ideas and explore unchartered paths. At ASI, we provide you with everything needed for both you and the company to succeed. The choice is yours. 

Stay informed

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